Our mission statement

We, the GrazGuides, are a committed team of about 40 enthusiastic tourist guides, all seeking to provide tours in Graz and Styria with energy and dynamism.

 Our trademark, the „austriaguides“, as appears on our identity badges, is a guarantee of our professional competence.  All the GrazGuides have undergone rigorous training  and passed extremely demanding national tourist guide exams. In addition to our qualifications, we are also able to draw on a wealth of experience and knowhow gleaned from our club, during the last 50 years!  To us, continuous education is a necessary pleasure!

 Our tours are as varied and wide-ranging as our city, province and, of course, our guests. 

As reflected by the GrazGuides logo, we are often required to think outside the box, whether it be to constantly update and develop new tours in line with changing trends or to present our tours in unconventional and imaginative ways. As a result, our tours encompass the widest range of concepts and themes and we are able to work alongside our business and cultural partners, adding real value in our sphere of competence. 

 We speak 15 languages between us and tailor each tour according to the cultural and historic background of our international guests.  Known for our enthusiasm, experience and incurable curiosity (useful traits for keeping up to date!), we are also valued by local residents and are often required to create individual tours for family celebrations, school reunions, office parties or school trips.

It is always a pleasure to leave our guests with a sense of wonderment and discovery!

We, the GrazGuides, would like to open up your hearts and eyes to our homeland.